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Introducing Hare A.C.

Hare A.C. is a global community for runners and provides exclusive benefits, rewards, experiences and innovative race challenges. Guided by the competitive spirit that all runners share, Hare A.C.’s mission is to inspire and invigorate a passion for racing. 

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Insider Status

Hare A.C. membership is offered on an annual basis. Upon joining, members receive a Team Kit complete with the official Hare A.C. singlet, bib number, welcome letter and more.

As members of Hare A.C. and the Tracksmith family, you’ll receive access to our global community, rewards, events and content, as well as the following benefits:

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A Racing Community

Tracksmith was born out of a passion for racing and the camaraderie of being on a team. These shared experiences - the unforgettable workouts, hard fought victories and inside jokes - enrich our engagement with the sport and heighten our humanity. These are the moments we crave and the reason we return to running over and over again.

Hare A.C. is a global community for runners, providing exclusive benefits, rewards, experiences and innovative race challenges to its members. Hare A.C. is club, crew and team agnostic. No matter your affiliation, we invite you to join this community of like-minded athletes.

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If you have questions about Hare A.C. or if you'd like to gift someone a membership, please do reach out to the team at