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Merino Tube Sock

A merino tube sock for running with a reinforced rib band for support.

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Merino Tube Sock

Extra-Small Men 4 - 5.5 Women 6 - 7.5

Small Men 6 - 8 Women 8 - 10

Medium Men 8.5 - 10 Women 10.5 - 12

Large Men 10.5 - 12 Women 12.5 - 14

From our Customers

Long Story Short

There’s something about a runner who rocks tube socks. It’s a statement of individuality. A bold calf-length declaration of independence. Our athletic striping adds some classic flair that harkens back to a time when running was as freaky as it was fast.

Shoe Size


Men 4 - 5.5
Women 6 - 7.5


Men 6 - 8
Women 8 - 10


Men 8.5 - 10
Women 10.5 - 12


Men 10.5 - 12
Women 12.5 - 14

73% Merino Wool / 26% Polyamide / 1% Elastane

Wash Cold
Tumble Dry Low
Non-Chlorine Bleach
Don't Use Softeners

Performance Since the 13th Century

The miracle of the merino is nothing new. The breed originated in Spain and its finely crimped wool has been valued at a premium since the Middle Ages, when its export was a crime punishable by death.

Ultra fine gauge merino wool is lightweight, durable, and soft against the skin, and can easily be blended with other materials. As performance fabrics go, merino is certainly a bit more pricey, but it offers advantages no laboratory can synthesize. With Merino, as with anything, you truly get what you pay for.

Moisture Management By Mother Nature

Wool, of course, is nothing more than a kind of hair. Like our own hair, it’s constructed primarily of water-repellant keratin proteins. Because merino wool is soft enough to be worn against our own skin, it’s able to act much like our own hair would – providing warmth while wicking moisture away from the body.

Merino does absorb some moisture, but unlike cotton, it remains warm when wet, helping manage body temperature naturally, for a difference you’ll appreciate no matter what the weather report.

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Smell No Evil

Merino fibers are naturally coated with lanolin, which make them highly anti-microbial. Simply put, these sweet socks resist sweat sock stank, almost completely. Go ahead; try them for a week without a wash. Or if you’d rather not, feel free to take our word for it.

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For real runners, no detail in the name of performance is too small. In that sense, this tube sock is very literally more than meets the eye.

The rib band running through the middle adds structure and holds the sock in proper position. Open pique mesh on top of the foot provides lightweight breathability, and mid-pile terry in the heel and forefoot offers extra comfort precisely where it counts.

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Merino Tube Sock