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Tracksmith Hat

Our take on the classic cotton six panel baseball hat with an adjustable self-fabric closure.

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8 reviews

Top It Off

Sometimes you just need to keep things simple. Our take on the classic six-panel baseball hat comes in 100% cotton with an adjustable metal closure.

Six Panel Cotton Baseball Hat
Adjustable Self-Fabric & Metal Closure

100% Cotton

Machine Wash Cold
Hang Dry

Batter Up

It should come as no surprise that the six-panel baseball hat got its start in America’s favorite past time. The style dates back to the 1860s when an amateur team called the Brooklyn Excelsiors first wore caps with a long visor and a button on top. The style, which adapted the shape of women’s sun bonnets to protect player's eyes, was popularized through the sport as the “Brooklyn style.” In the 1940s rubber was used to stiffen the inside and the modern baseball hat was born, fast becoming a staple of American fashion for both its utility and symbolism.

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Tracksmith Hat