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Allston Shorts

A 5" tight for fast efforts with a soft, high waistband and supportive fit



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Allston Shorts

  XS S M L
Waist 21 1/2" 23" 25 1/2" 27 1/2"
Hip 25 1/2" 27" 29 1/2" 31 1/2"
Thigh 15 1/2" 16 1/2" 17 1/2" 18 1/2"
Inseam 5 1/4" 5 1/4" 5 1/4" 5 1/4"

Raise the Intensity

This 5” tight takes all the best features of our Allston Long Shorts and delivers them in a shorter, speedier silhouette. With a soft, high waistband and a supportive, held-in fit, these are a sleek style for doing work as temperatures rise and splits drop.

Lindsay (right) is 5' 6" and wearing a Small.

All In on Allston

Allston is the ideal fabric for higher intensity training and for those runners who prefer a more supported feel in their tights. Cool to the touch with a silky nylon hand-feel, this Italian-sourced fabric provides full coverage with plenty of stretch for everything from marathon pace to an all-out sprint. 

Carmen is 5' 6" and wears a size Small.
Spring21 Womens Allston 525 Detail 5353

Store & Go

The Allston features three internal pockets in the waistband. A small front pocket stores a key or credit card, while a larger waist pocket holds a phone securely in place, with a second pocket for other supplies.

Support System

Like the other pieces in the Allston family, these high-rise shorts feature a soft, wide waistband with two pockets. To reduce weight and prevent the shorts from riding up on your legs, the hem is free cut with silicone dots.

Ts Spring21 006233
Lyndsay is 5'7' and wears a size Small.
Ts Spring21 006132
Ts Spring21 006224